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At LaunchPal, we're passionate about using technology to transform the way businesses approach marketing. We believe that every business, regardless of size or industry, should have access to powerful marketing tools that help them connect with their audience, grow their brand, and achieve their goals.

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We’re a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do and dedicated to delivering the best AI-driven digital marketing solutions for our users.

  • Jackson Belliveau

    Jackson Belliveau


    A young, bright, and driven entrepreneur, Jack brings a fresh perspective to the world of marketing. His entrepreneurial journey was ignited with HomeGen Consulting, where he gained unique insights into the challenges faced by small to medium businesses in the realm of social media marketing and lead generation. This firsthand experience also allowed him to witness the struggles of new marketers in navigating emerging technologies. This catalyzed the conception of LaunchPal, driven by his vision to provide businesses with innovative solutions to effectively harness the power of AI in their marketing endeavors. As a co-founder, Jack's passion lies in equipping the new generation of marketers to embrace and leverage cutting-edge technologies through LaunchPal's pioneering approach.

  • Jamie Davison

    Jamie Davison


    A visionary entrepreneur and accomplished executive, Jamie Davison is a driving force behind LaunchPal's success. With a remarkable track record, Jamie has initiated and nurtured several thriving businesses, prominently including two highly successful digital marketing firms, Extreme Interactive and Modern. His entrepreneurial journey is a testament to his innate ability to envision opportunities and translate them into tangible achievements. Recognized for his astute business acumen, Jamie has not only led start-ups to triumph but also played a pivotal role in aiding distressed businesses and those seeking to scale, pivot, or undergo acquisitions.

  • Ryan Guzzwell

    Ryan Guzzwell


    Ryan, a dynamic and multifaceted co-founder, draws from his background in digital marketing and technology, initially honed as a partner at HomeGen Consulting. As a Computer Engineering student, his unique blend of technical prowess and marketing acumen allows him to spearhead our software development initiatives. Armed with a passion for innovation, Ryan plays a pivotal role in integrating Artificial Intelligence seamlessly into our marketing platform. His ability to navigate the intersection of technology and marketing empowers LaunchPal to offer an unparalleled solution that marries cutting-edge AI advancements with the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

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